Tonic for the Soul with Sarah Cox

Ep.17 The Power of Adversity as a Tool for Profound Growth with Carole Caplin

July 06, 2022 Sarah Cox Season 1 Episode 17
Tonic for the Soul with Sarah Cox
Ep.17 The Power of Adversity as a Tool for Profound Growth with Carole Caplin
Show Notes

Many of you have heard of Carole Caplin through the press. She was beaten up by the media - why? Because she believed in natural health and healing long before it was fashionable. Carole was one of the first pioneers to champion and apply a holistic approach to health, fitness, and wellbeing.

She trailblazed the multidisciplinary approach to health long before it became the norm. Her books, national press columns, articles, media appearances, workshops and trainings, introduced her approach to a wider audience. Carole is a wonderful person forged in the fire of public spotlight. She is a strong and powerful woman and I adore her. She cares so deeply about peoples health and healing. Carole set up Cool Health in London to help her clients with an all round mind and body approach to health and body work. In this chat Mina Blair and myself, Sarah Cox, ask her about her life, what started her journey 40 years ago, we look at her own healing  and how have her experiences impacted  and shaped her life. She is inspiration and an avid supporter of Zephorium too!

Enjoy and have a positively inspired day.

With love,
Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox is the founder of Zephorium Soul Tonic, award winning holistic aromatherapy brand, along with being an energy healer, counsellor and psychic medium. She specialises in addiction counselling, whilst also running the day to day of Zephorium.

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Mina Blair is an experienced yoga teacher, author and hosts the MatChat podcast. Through her podcasts, writings and yoga instruction, she aims to help men and women from all walks of life feel empowered.

Carole Caplin is the owner of Cool Health, where she is a corrective exercise specialist, clinical massage therapists and Scarwork therapist.  Cool Health teach you the specifics around how to care for your body. To ease you out of pain, improve performance, strengthen, and prevent illness and injury into your later years.